hard·scrab·ble - 'härd-"skra-bul", desc. adjective

1. a: small return for great effort expended;
    b: earning a bare subsistence;

2. c: being or relating to a place of barren or barely arable soil                                                         (i.e., a hardscrabble farm);
    d: getting a meager living from poor \ soil (i.e., a hardscrabble farmer);
    e: marked by poverty (i.e., a hardscrabble town, a hardscrabble childhood).

3. f: a small community in Cannon County, Tennessee, halfway between Woodbury and Auburntown.

A Tough Row to Hoe

Have you ever felt like any of the definitions above apply to you or your organization?  Often the demands of any nonprofit organization, no matter the size, become overwhelming for the people involved in the day to day operations. It feels like the organization is running you instead of vice versa.  Often all it takes is an outside perspective and someone to ask the right questions to get back on the right track.  That's where we come in.  We help make things grow where it seems impossible.   


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To help rural nonprofits connect to their audiences within the cultural context of the community, and adopt best practices to create strong sustainable organizations.

Donald Fann

Donald Fann has spent over 20 years as an arts administrator, director and teaching artist.  He has run an award winning arts center, developed a folk arts program, arts education program and founded a Grammy Award winning record label.


  • Artist Statement The Art of Directing is at its essence a collaborative process. Collaboration among actors, designers, playwrights, and most importantly the audience, define the director’s responsibility.My career has been ...
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  • Music Springs "Fishing with Worms" Music Springs is a series of short (5 min) documentaries on all things Music produced by Spring Fed Records,  at The Arts Center of Cannon County.
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  • A New Beginning After 19 years at The Arts Center of Cannon County, I have decided to explore a new opportunity.  I will be teaching Theater Arts at the new Stewarts Creek High ...
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